ITEN to expand its production capacity

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ITEN is drastically expanding its production capacity for SMD-mounted micro-batteries used to store energy and power in electronics circuits.

The short-term objective of the French leading company in the field of micro-batteries is to be in a position to manufacture up to a few million micro-batteries per application and per year in several application fields such as power-assist to primary batteries and power-loss protection (DRAM, SSD, RTC and microcontrollers), self-powered wireless sensors, watches, smart cards or implantable medical devices.

During the summer, the company has moved to its new 2000 square-meter industrial premises located nearby LYON (France). These premises have been first adapted to have the built-in ISO-6 clean-rooms and then to install and hook-up all the production equipments required for the automated manufacture of the SMD micro-batteries. « All automatic production machines shall be set-up and in operation by the end of 2018 » stated Fabien GABEN, President of ITEN.

ITEN is now recognized as a major supplier of SMD components able not only to store high energy densities but also to deliver the power required for instance by RF transmissions (like BluetoothTM, LORATM or SIGFOXTM)). These rechargeable components do operate over an extended temperature range (-40°C / +85°C) and are simply assembled and recycled as any other SMD component.

For the record, ITEN is supported by Région Rhône-Alpes and Bpifrance, and has been one of the laureates of the French National contest called «concours mondial de l’innovation 2030 ».

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