ITEN paves the way of the future electronics industry

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Within the framework of the Program of Investments for the Future Industry (PIA) operated by Bpifrance, €2.7M have been granted to support the industrial project of ITEN and specially the industrializing phase of its microbattery technology.ITEN’s project perfectly fits the objectives of bpifrance to help reducing the time-to-market of very innovative products in the scope of the 9 solutions which have been identified as key for the French industry of tomorrow.

 As a matter of fact, such grant rewards the ambition of ITEN to innovate and become a global industrial leader in the field of highly integrated SMD* microbatteries. This new generation of SMD components is about to revolutionize the complete electronics industry by providing new ultra compact energy storage solutions where it is necessary, namely as closely as possible to the electronic functions on the Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

 ITEN’s solutions of microbatteries serve many different markets and applications like back-up power supply for Real-Time-Clocks (RTC), power-loss protection of data transfer (e.g. in volatile memories), autonomous sensors, implantable neuro-stimulators, watches, or RFID and biometric smart cards.

 The significant number of inquiries collected by ITEN during  the last IOT Asia trade show which took place in Singapore in March 2018, is a testament of the attractiveness and the key advantages of ITEN’s technologies in these highly promising markets.

* Surface Mounted Device

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