Powering a new dimension

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Energy stored in the heart of your electronic circuit

ITEN makes it easy to store energy inside independent circuits.

The technology developed by ITEN enables a reliable and long lasting emergency power supply for internal clocks and SRAM. It ensures autonomy of unattended sensors, makes the use of smart cards safer and solves the problem of replacing pacemakers batteries (which is a delicate and expensive operation).

The microbatteries developed by ITEN are fully compatible with the requirements of industrial manufacturing. In the form of a Surface Mount Device (SMD), the microbattery is placed on the board by reflow soldering like any other component. Thanks to high energy and power density, ITEN microbatteries are the solution for successful miniaturization.

The ITEN microbatteries contain no heavy metal, no lithium and no flammable solvent, making them safe for transportation, storage and end-of-life recycling.


ITEN Applications

A new dimension to revolutionize electronics

For today’s development of electronic devices, there is a need for batteries that can store a lot of energy and power in a very small space. In order to open new possibilities in the field, ITEN has developed a new generation of SMD* components that can be implemented directly onto the electronic board.

With a new generation of microbatteries, all solid and multi-layer, ITEN offers a truly disruptive technology that fulfills the needs of the electronic industry in terms of shelf life, miniaturization, manufacturing requirements and eco-design.

*SMD : * Surface Mount Device, EIA standard, compatible with « pick & place » et « solder reflow » industry standards.

ITEN Technology

A more compact, robust and powerful technology

ITEN’s new generation of lithium ion batteries is a truly disruptive technology. All solid, compact and rechargeable, ITEN components offer high temperature resistance and high energy density, and they are also compatible with the electronic industry standard manufacturing processes.

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